Community Notice- Employment Opportunity-Events Coordinator Term Contract

Community Notice- Employment Opportunity-Events Coordinator Term Contract

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Events Coordinator

Term Contract



  1. Each event shall be carried out with extensive planning strategies to ensure all key aspects for the successful event coordination during the planning stage, execution and closure of a project. Community events plans will adhere to guidelines that are established for each event. BON will have a completed Event Guide to use for future events as each event occurs.


  1. Budget Development: An event budget must be preapproved in writing. A review of existing budget and the development of new budgets will begin immediately to be submitted for approval to the Director of Operations. Where possible every attempt will be made to provide the event within or below the cost of the approved budget.


  1. Grant Submissions: Where possible and applicable, grant applications will be submitted on behalf of BON.


  1. Corporate Sponsorship’s (where applicable): Sponsorship Package(s) will be developed to targeted participants – which range from corporate organizations, business partners, suppliers, government linked bodies and agencies, entrepreneurs. This process will also be utilized for the Treaty Days and Pow Wow along with the Winter Carnival (if approved).


  1. Communication & Promotion: Each event will be promoted, marketed and communicated to the relevant recipient in an efficient and timely manner (on and off reserve members along with visitors to the community).


Communication and promotion strategies will include, but are not limited to:


  • The ability to upload all the latest event information up on to the BON website;


  • A Facebook page will be created to allow better communication with on and off reserve membership, this will allow easy access for photos to be uploaded for the events;


  • Poster preparation and creation for distribution;


  • Upcoming Event listing can be sent to certain websites or newspapers, this is a free service, such as Selkirk Journal, AMIK.CA, NCI, Coffee News, AMMSA, Red River North Tourism, etc.;


  • A one-time newsletter will be prepared and sent out to all members (on and off reserve). This will direct the members to the Website for more detailed information and can serve to provide notice of the upcoming events; and


  • Positive public relations. Newspaper articles in the local papers can be done to promote the larger events and promote positive stories about the community.


  1. For larger events such as Treaty Days or the Winter Carnival (if budget approved) it would be most beneficial to utilize the local radio stations to assist with the promotion of the events. The radio stations could also be approached to do a live on location during BON events.


  1. Other communication tools, i.e. refrigerator magnet made with the all the Event Dates and given out to all members.


  1. Event Logistics: All the facility bookings, insurance requirements, waste management plans, clean up requirements, set up requirements, and site plans will be addressed.


  1. Guest Invitation and Management: All dinners, will require that an invitation list or system be developed and managed on a year to year basis.  This will also include an off-reserve mailing list.  Dignitary invitations will be sent out for certain events, such as Aboriginal Veterans Day and so on.


  1. Entertainment Acquisitions: A review of all current contacts for events, performers, entertainment will be reviewed. All additional event contractors are subject to final approval of BON.


  1. All other duties as assigned.



Deadline for resumes:                        Extended August 16, 2017


Please submit your resume to:           Jackie Pommer

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation


Fax: 204-766-2021