Date: Thursday Oct. 10, 2019

RE: Snow Clearing / Removal


Each of the businesses (Wavers, BON Grocery Store and Community Store) require Snow Clearing / removal services for the months of November to April (approx.) In order to present the best possible store front / business front to the community and visitors, the successful contractor will be required to perform the following:

  • As needed Snow Removal at Wavers, BON Grocery Store, and BON Community Store. (Snow fall amount, density of snow, humidity, rising or falling temperatures, wind velocity and direction along with the time of year, all play a part)
  • Two (2) inches of snow is generally when we push the “go” button.
  • Each business includes the Driveways, Customer, Staff Parking, Business Lot Area, clearing snow in and around Gas Pumps, front and back door ways, sidewalks, on the property.
  • We want the business surfaces to be clear of snow and ice on time and continuously during storms so that the people who work and attend the businesses stay safe.
  • We require response before, during and after a storm.
  • All equipment and gas to be supplied by the contractor
  • All business lots to be cleared prior to the business opening:
    • Wavers – 6 AM
    • C Store – 7 AM
    • Grocery Store – 8 AM
  • Weekly invoices to be submitted for payment.
  • No Subcontracting or assignment by contractor.
  • Insurance: Contractor shall deliver to BON a certificate of insurance evidencing that all such coverages are in full force and effect before starting to perform Services, and if Contractor’s insurance shall expire or terminate before the Termination Date, Contractor shall deliver a new certificate of insurance evidencing the new policies of insurance not less than ten (10) days before the new policies go into effect.
  • Snow Removal Guidelines: There may be a requirement to remove snow piles throughout the winter, this work would be subject to additional invoicing.
  • Tender Packages available at the Band Office. For more info call 204-766-2494.

DEADLINE for Submission Friday October 17, 2019  – 4pm