Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Income Assistance is now located at the new EAST resource Centre. Income Assistance is a program for individuals who are unable to meet their financial requirement. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements.

Procedure requires all applications are sent to Winnipeg or other agencies to verify. All applications will not be processed the same day.


The EAST Resource Centre provides community-based resources and programs that are partnered with other service providers (such as: Service Canada, Employment Manitoba, Futurpreneur, Selkirk Friendship Centre, etc.) to provide more opportunities for its members.


To empower skilled labourers with the willingness to work; link individuals to long-term eemployment opportunities and assist in working towards a sustainable future.


  • Prove there is a need
  • Be a resident of BON for the past 30 days
  • Provide all identification, copy of MB Health card, Status card, for applicant and other family members.
  • Copy of previous years income tax
  • Copy of bank statement
  • Copy of tenancy agreement, to claim rent or pro-rent/hydro
  • Provide a copy of recent employment (ROE)
  • Sign all documents to proceed with application
  • Custody papers for children you would be claiming for. Or CFS letter.
  • Book an appointment at 204-766-2850


To claim for any medical conditions, the applicant will need to provide:

  • For claim unemployable or disabled. A medical form must be completed by a doctor, before processed and added to your budget.
  • For medical alerts, a medical form must be completed by a nurse or dietician or doctor before processed and added to your budget

Granting Assistance

  • Once applicant has met the requirements and proof has been established, the application will be processed. Not usually the same day.
  • Granting continued assistance clients must meet the eligibility requirement monthly.
  • Failure to provide on time, will result in your cheque


Income Assistance Administrator 
Rosanne Olson
204-766-2850 ext. 103

Income Assistance Clerk 
Maria Mancusi
204-766-2850 ext. 103